The aim of Trackwell‘s Equal Pay Policy is to ensure that full equality is protected in decisions regarding salaries, regardless of union membership or political affiliation, age, social background, marital status, gender characteristics, sexuality, gender expression, gender identity, race, outlook on life, physical or mental limitations, pregnancy, religion, origin or nationality.

Employees shall be paid equally and enjoy same benefits for equally valuable or comparable jobs. This covers both basic salary as well as any other payments made. They should also enjoy comparable benefits in terms of pension, holiday and sick leave rights and any other employment benefits or rights that are valued at money.

To enforce the Equal Pay Policy, Trackwell commits to implement, document and maintain an Equal Pay System. Unexplained pay gap will be met with continuous improvements and monitoring. Internal auditing of the system will be made once a year along with managers’ audit. Trackwell will also comply with relevant laws, regulations and respect the rights set out in the employment contracts. Salary analysis will be made once a year, where equally valuable jobs are compared to ensure that no pay-gap, neither gender-based nor of any other nature, will exist, and the results will be presented to employees of Trackwell. Trackwell‘s Equal Pay Policy will always be accessible on Trackwell‘s website.

Trackwell‘s Equal Pay Policy is based on these Icelandic laws: Act on equal status and equal rights of the sexes nr 150/2020, Act on equal treatment in the labour market no. 86/2018 and the equal pay standard ÍST 85:2012. 



The goal of Trackwell’s equality policy is to promote equal status for staff and equal opportunities for individuals in as many areas as possible, regardless of gender, age, or origin. The policy aims to ensure the right to work, facilities, education, and wages for equally valuable and comparable jobs.



Trackwell processes or handles personal data either as a controller or a processor, according to Icelandic Law no. 90/2018 on personal protection and processing of personal data (Based on EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR). Employees, customers, and partners are informed about how the company collects and processes information. In cases where the company is a processor, a processing agreement is made in accordance with the Personal Protection Act.



The general business terms are defined in the terms of the license of use and service description for each product. Customers are informed about the terms, and they are also accessible to customers in Trackwell’s products.



Trackwell bases its policy on data security on the ISO-27001 standard, and Trackwell’s systems are hosted in a certified environment. Trackwell’s goal with the policy is to ensure confidentiality and continuous access to data in the systems that Trackwell guarantees for its customers, maximize the integrity of data processing, and ensure the recovery of data and systems in the event of incidents. Trackwell operates an Information Security System for which an Information Security Board is responsible.

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