In tough  international competition  EMA/FBS/TrackWell consortium won the tender for  implementing   Vessel  Monitoring  System (VMS)  for  fisheries, issued  by the European Union  Delegation  to  Albania, together with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration of the Republic of Albania.

The VMS project

The project objective was to enable Albanian environmental and fisheries organizations to monitor and control  fishing fleets and their activities according to the requirements of the  EU Commission regulation 1224/2009, which forms the overall system of control and enforcement in the Common Fisheries Policy.

The consortium which was lead by EMA from Slovenia with FBS from Albania and TrackWell  was chosen among 7 international bidders, including  Kontrax Technologies, Celsius, Gis Data, Cestel & Inf. Syst. Cacttus and Selex-Sistemi Integrati.

The implementation of the Albanian VMS system includes the installation of EMA’s BlueTraker VMS transponders on more than 200 ships, the integral hardware and TrackWell VMS software implementation of Fisheries Monitoring Center  (FMC), communication pathways systems and technical training. The software system was installed in November 2011.

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