TrackWell has been supplying electronic logbook solutions for vessels and fisheries in N-Atlantic for several years and some fisheries in Faroe Islands have been using TrackWell Logbook to collect catch data and fishing locations. From 2010, Radiobúðin and Radioservice are Faroese agents, taking care of installation and service.


Kaj Leo Johannesen Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands
speaks at the opening ceremony of the Nort Atlantic Fish Fair
in Klaksvik april 5th, 2011.


Among the possibilities and benefits of TrackWell Logbook are:

  • Easy access to the fishing history of the vessel
  • Tracks and fishing locations displayed on electronic charts
  • Catch and vessel position data can be sent automatically to shore
  • Vessel owner or other users can access the data online via web interface
  • Miscellaneous statistics and reporting in Excel format

There are over 500 TrackWell systems onboard Icelandic and Norwegian vessels, reporting mandatory catch information to fishing authorities. In Faroe Islands, the Fishing Authorities are already preparing new regulations for electronic logbooks and we are planning to offer certified logbook as soon as it will be available.

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