Following an Open Tender exercise under EU Procurement rules, the Icelandic high-tech company Trackwell has been awarded the United Kingdom Fisheries Authorities’ contract for the provision of the UK Vessel Monitoring System. This system is required to manage the activity of all UK fishing vessels subject to the EU regulations for Vessel Monitoring Systems and of all EU flagged vessels that are fishing in UK waters.

Extensive monitoring in real time
The UK Fisheries Authorities (UKFAs), comprising the Marine Management Organisation for English fisheries, the devolved governments of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, and the fishing administrations of the Crown Dependencies (Isle of Man and the Channel Islands), are responsible for their respective fisheries and fleets, and collectively, under the leadership of the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for meeting the UK flag state obligations under EU Fisheries regulations. Through Defra, the UKFAs have awarded the contract for the provision of the UK Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Communication Hub and the corresponding user interface applications, to Trackwell, as a result of an open tender under EU procurement rules. The contract requires installation, support and service provision of Trackwell‘s highly advanced Vessel Monitoring System.  The system is to be delivered for full operation before the end of 2012.

The UK VMS is to track the location of all UK licensed fishing vessels over 12 m in length, wherever they operate; foreign licensed fishing vessels operating in UK waters; fishing vessels operating in waters controlled by Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMO´s); and, foreign vessels when engaged in EU joint deployment exercises.  Messages are exchanged with some 15 EU member states, 3rd countries and regional fisheries offices.  Position data from UK fishing vessels operating outside British Fisheries Limits (BFLs) is routed to EU and 3rd (non EU) countries in accordance with EU regulations and bi-lateral agreements. The VMS platform provides the UKFAs with a variety of automatic monitoring tools, e.g. to monitor timely reception of position reports and to detect breaches of fisheries regulations.

A leading provider of fisheries management systems

Vaktstöð siglingaSince 1997 Trackwell has been developing Mobile Resource Managment (MRM) solutions in close collaboration with their customers and partners.  In the maritime sector, TrackWell has worked closely with Fisheries Authorities, Coastguards and vessels owners to develop unique solutions combining Vessel Monitoring System functions and Electronic Logbook Systems as appropriate, and delivered these as Cloud-based services.  TrackWell´s service has advanced to provide well proven and robust systems, rich with automatic processing and alerting functions, through an intuitive and efficient user interface.

Trackwell MRM provides companies with the tools to manage their resources, employees, vehicles, vessels and other mobile assets including functionality such as time, task, and fleet management. Today, hundreds of companies manage thousands of employees and monitor up to twenty thousand land, sea and airborne platforms via the Trackwell MRM systems every day.

Kolbeinn Gunnarsson, Director of Trackwell Maritime Solutions, commented on the contract award:
“This is an extensive contract that is a result of many years of development work by TrackWell’s experts, in good collaboration with our customers. This contract is extremely important for TrackWell and establishes the company as a leading provider of fisheries management systems worldwide and the result of the two latest open tenders for VMS in Europe show that TrackWell’s VMS solution is highly competitive on the global market.”

Quote from DEFRA: It was a tough competition from which Trackwell were selected as the Most Economically Advantageous Tender for the UKFAs, and we look forward to establishing a productive and successful partnership with them in meeting the UKFAs’  VMS requirements in the coming years

For further information please contact Kolbeinn Gunnarsson, Director of Trackwell Maritime Solutions,, mobile +354 8 600 604

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