Many modern fishing companies are meeting higher standards on traceability and sustainability, with more detailed registration of catch and onboard production. To minimize the effort and improve efficiency, TrackWell has launched Product Manager, a system which links to the Electronic logbook onboard and eliminates multiple entries of data.

The Product Manager keeps track of all production registration onboard where the data is linked to fishing grounds and catch activity. The system also maintains information on production value, packaging usage, utilization factors and quality inspections.

Positive feedback from captains

The Electronic Logbook and  Product Manager have recently been installed onboard five factory vessels owned by the Canadian company Ocean Choice International. The registrations from the vessels are collected to a database on a central server, enabling the company management to monitor the latest information on the catch and production, along with tracks and position of the vessels. Once the data has been collected to the onshore server, it is much easier to control the flow of the data to other information systems of the company.

TrackWell Product manager is in operation onboard the factory vessel Newfoundland Lynx


Seafood Processing America 2012

TrackWell will demonstrate the Product Manager at Seafood Processing America in Boston March 11-13 2012 on booth 573.

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