Sjávarútvegslausnir framtíðarinnar

Sjávarútvegslausnir framtíðarinnar

Grein sem birtist í apríl útgáfu ifim -Icelandic Fishing Industry Magazine:

Electronic logbooks are becoming mandatory for most commercial fisheries in most countries. In most cases they are used solely as a mandatory reporting system for the fishing authorities.  It is however possible to use the logbook as a base for additional collection of information for the benefit of the fishing companies. To minimize the effort and improve efficiency, Trackwell has launched Product Manager, a system that keeps track of all production registration onboard and links the product data to fishing grounds and catch activity data collected by the e-Logbook.  This eliminates multiple entries of data and enables tracing of fish products all the way to the location and time where and when the fish was caught. The system also maintains information on production value, packaging usage, utilization factors and quality inspections.

Positive feedback from captains and users

Some seafood companies have started to use the full-featured Product Manager Service from Trackwell. HB Grandi, one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland, is using the system to collect data from the vessels and automatically transfer the information to the company’s ERP system, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This reduces errors and saves labour costs by minimizing double entries of data. It also allows company managers to allocate the product on inventory before it has been landed.

Product Manager has been installed onboard five factory vessels owned by the Canadian company Ocean Choice International. The registrations from the vessels are collected in a database on a central server, enabling company managers to monitor the latest information on the catch and production, along with the tracking and positioning of vessels.

Higher standards on sustainability

Many modern fishing companies are meeting higher standards on sustainability, with more detailed registration of catch and onboard production.

Fisheries are increasingly facing demand frombuyers for more traceability of the product and for certification of sustainable fishing and quality in processing. In order to fulfil that, it is necessary for the fisheries to collect and keep track of various data and store it in a database.

Trackwell Product Manager is designed to collect the catch- and production data and to organize in a database for easy generation of various reports and statistics out of the data.

Traceability using QR Codes

A fish supplier from the Westfjords in North Iceland shows one practical example of how it is possible to make use of the solution. The company is supplying first class quality cod to restaurants in England and the United States.

The fish is taken by vessels where the catch is registered with the Trackwell system, and when the fish is shipped fresh by air cargo tobuyers, a QR Code is created. The code is printed with each lot of fish, allowing the restaurants to display them on the menu daily. The customer then has the possibility to use his smartphone to scan the QR Code and get detailed information about the catch. This includes a map, showing the exact location where the fish was caught, along with environmental parameters.

More focus on cost benefits

Another aspect of how the system can be used is the monitoring of the productivity of the fishing. Product Manager keeps track of the value of the catch per haul. It can also be used to monitor the cost, time and effort of the fishing expedition.

The system logs the speed and sailed distance of the vessel along with all its activity, including when hauls begin and towing times. It is therefore possible to link the oil consumption with the fishing activity in order to analyze the actual cost per kg of catch.  This also makes it possible to estimate the cost of different options of fishing in advance for the captains. In order to improve things, they have to be controllable and measurable.  The monitoring of the cost is therefore very ––important to ensure the most sustainable way of fishing.

Trackwell at Brussels

We will be at the Seafood Processing Europe in Brussels from 23-25 of April 2013. You are welcome to visit our stand 6127 in hall 4 to learn more about software tools that improve sustainability and traceability for fisheries.

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