TrackWell part of Consortium that won tender for VMS in Albania

TrackWell part of Consortium that won tender for VMS in Albania

In tough  international competition  EMA/FBS/TrackWell consortium won the tender for  implementing   Vessel  Monitoring  System (VMS)  for  fisheries, issued  by the European Union  Delegation  to  Albania, together with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration of the Republic of Albania. The VMS project The project objective was to enable Albanian environmental and fisheries organizations to monitor and control  fishing fleets and their activities according to the requirements of the  EU Commission regulation 1224/2009, which forms the overall system of control and enforcement in the Common Fisheries Policy. The consortium which was lead by EMA from Slovenia with FBS from Albania and TrackWell  was chosen among 7 international bidders, including  Kontrax Technologies, Celsius, Gis Data, Cestel & Inf. Syst. Cacttus and Selex-Sistemi Integrati. The implementation of the Albanian VMS system includes the installation of EMA’s BlueTraker VMS transponders on more than 200 ships, the integral hardware and TrackWell VMS software implementation of Fisheries Monitoring Center  (FMC), communication pathways systems and technical training. The software system was installed in November...

Improved efficiency and traceability with TrackWell Product Manager

Many modern fishing companies are meeting higher standards on traceability and sustainability, with more detailed registration of catch and onboard production. To minimize the effort and improve efficiency, TrackWell has launched Product Manager, a system which links to the Electronic logbook onboard and eliminates multiple entries of data. The Product Manager keeps track of all production registration onboard where the data is linked to fishing grounds and catch activity. The system also maintains information on production value, packaging usage, utilization factors and quality inspections. Positive feedback from captains The Electronic Logbook and  Product Manager have recently been installed onboard five factory vessels owned by the Canadian company Ocean Choice International. The registrations from the vessels are collected to a database on a central server, enabling the company management to monitor the latest information on the catch and production, along with tracks and position of the vessels. Once the data has been collected to the onshore server, it is much easier to control the flow of the data to other information systems of the company. TrackWell Product manager is in operation onboard the factory vessel Newfoundland Lynx   Seafood Processing America 2012 TrackWell will demonstrate the Product Manager at Seafood Processing America in Boston March 11-13 2012 on booth...

Happy holidays!

The year 2011 has been favourable.  We appreciate the trust placed in us when customers continue to use our service and new customers sign up.  This recognition encourages us to continue to develop our service and make them even better. We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and New Year! TrackWell employees. This year the MND association received the TrackWell annual...

New product launced at Seafood Processing Europe 2011

As an addition to the electronic logbook, TrackWell now offers the Product Manager to register the products, from which the system calculates the round fish weights for each species, based on utilization constants. The system also maintains information on production value, packaging usage, quality inspections and other parameters such as fuel consumption. All data from the vessels is collected to a database on a central server which is hosted in a data centre. The seafood companies can access their own data via access controlled web interface, enabling them to monitor the latest information on the catch and production, along with tracks and position of the vessels. Once the data has been collected to the onshore server, it is much easier to control the access of the data to external systems. The seafood companies can save effort and time to use an automatic procedure to forward the data to other organizations, such as sales network, fish auction markets and traceability systems. Fisheries are facing an increasing demand from their buyers for information about traceability, sustainability and certification. Too meet that, TrackWell Product Manger makes it easier for seafood companies to reorganize the handling of information of catch and production. Some seafood companies have started to use the full featured Product Manager from TrackWell to collect data from the vessels and automatically transfer the information to the company’s ERP system. This reduces errors and saves labour by minimizing double entry of data. It also allows the company managers to allocate the product stock before it has been landed. TrackWell will demonstrate the Product Manager at the Seafood Processing Europe in Brussels...

TrackWell demonstrates the electronic logbook and other solutions for fisheries at NAFF in Klaksvik

TrackWell has been supplying electronic logbook solutions for vessels and fisheries in N-Atlantic for several years and some fisheries in Faroe Islands have been using TrackWell Logbook to collect catch data and fishing locations. From 2010, Radiobúðin and Radioservice are Faroese agents, taking care of installation and service.   Kaj Leo Johannesen Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands speaks at the opening ceremony of the Nort Atlantic Fish Fair in Klaksvik april 5th, 2011.   Among the possibilities and benefits of TrackWell Logbook are: Easy access to the fishing history of the vessel Tracks and fishing locations displayed on electronic charts Catch and vessel position data can be sent automatically to shore Vessel owner or other users can access the data online via web interface Miscellaneous statistics and reporting in Excel format There are over 500 TrackWell systems onboard Icelandic and Norwegian vessels, reporting mandatory catch information to fishing authorities. In Faroe Islands, the Fishing Authorities are already preparing new regulations for electronic logbooks and we are planning to offer certified logbook as soon as it will be...

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