The UK Fisheries Authorities choose Trackwell´s Vessel Monitoring System

Following an Open Tender exercise under EU Procurement rules, the Icelandic high-tech company Trackwell has been awarded the United Kingdom Fisheries Authorities’ contract for the provision of the UK Vessel Monitoring System. This system is required to manage the activity of all UK fishing vessels subject to the EU regulations for Vessel Monitoring Systems and of all EU flagged vessels that are fishing in UK waters. Extensive monitoring in real time The UK Fisheries Authorities (UKFAs), comprising the Marine Management Organisation for English fisheries, the devolved governments of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, and the fishing administrations of the Crown Dependencies (Isle of Man and the Channel Islands), are responsible for their respective fisheries and fleets, and collectively, under the leadership of the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for meeting the UK flag state obligations under EU Fisheries regulations. Through Defra, the UKFAs have awarded the contract for the provision of the UK Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Communication Hub and the corresponding user interface applications, to Trackwell, as a result of an open tender under EU procurement rules. The contract requires installation, support and service provision of Trackwell‘s highly advanced Vessel Monitoring System.  The system is to be delivered for full operation before the end of 2012. The UK VMS is to track the location of all UK licensed fishing vessels over 12 m in length, wherever they operate; foreign licensed fishing vessels operating in UK waters; fishing vessels operating in waters controlled by Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMO´s); and, foreign vessels when engaged in EU joint deployment exercises.  Messages are exchanged with some 15 EU...
Trackwell introduces its fisheries Management Systems to Miliband

Trackwell introduces its fisheries Management Systems to Miliband

David Miliband, former UK Foreign Secretary and Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, is in Iceland, hosted by the President of Iceland and the University of Iceland. He visited Trackwell´s Headquarters in Reykjavík  and was interested in Trackwell´s fisheries management systems. Milibrand gave special interest in substainability and environmental part of the fisheries solutions. Trackwell is among the leading companies in the field of VMS (Vessel Monitoring System). The Trackwell VMS is a complete Vessel Monitoring System for fisheries authorities and Coastguards.  The system has been developed to comply with diverse regulations on position reporting and data exchange, such as the EU regulations, the Vessel Monitoring regimes of the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC), Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO), and the South East Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (SEAFO), as well as bi-lateral agreements between...

Trackwell took part in Nor-Fishing Expo 2012

TrackWell took part in the Nor-Fishing Expo 2012, with Navy AS. Navy is a distributor of TrackWell electronic logbooks in Norway. The logbook has been adapted to the Norwegian market and is in use onboard several vessels. The logbook is sold and supported by NAVY nationwide dealer network under the brand name “TrackWell Fangstdagbok”....

Delegation from Google visit Trackwell

A delegation from Google, who were invited by the President of Iceland visited Trackwell and got an introduction of their operations, including Trackwell ERS, a catch information system for fishing vessels and companies, fishing markets and fishing authorities. Then there is teh Trackwell VMS, which is used by Fisheries Authorities, Coasguards, and Navies for Surveillance, Serach and Rescue, Resource Management and Fisheries Control. The purpose of the trip was to explore the foundations for cooperation that would guarantee responsible control of fishing within the world´s oceans and how information technology and experiences in Iceland could be useful in this regard. The delegation met companies in the field of information technology in the fisheries, Maritime, Marine Research Institute and Maritime...

Trackwell is one of VR´s Model Firm for 2012

VR is a commercial and office workers’ union embracing almost 30,000 members in more than 100 occupations. VR’saim is to improve and defend the position of shop and office workers in the region by working to secure better rights, educational opportunities and wages and other terms of service. Every year VR runs a survey amongs their members where they rate the company they work for. Some of the key areas which are examined are for example the credibility of management, the morale within the company, salaries, working conditions, flexibility at work, independence of employees and the company´s image. These factors reflect the trust that exists within the company, how proud the staff are of their work and the company they works for, the respect that manager show their employees and the atmosphere that prevails in the workplace. We at Trackwell are very proud to be one of VR´s Model Firm for...

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FLUX fisheries connection added to Trackwell VMS

Trackwell‘s Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) has now been extended to support the FLUX connection for VMS and Electronic Reporting System (ERS) data.  FLUX* is a web service based communication protocol recently introduced by the European Union (EU) to replace the previous HTTPS based communications of messages between countries and... Read more

500 customers

Enterprises and organizations are now grasping opportunities to apply new technology to manage mobile resources.   An increasingly number of managers realize the benefit to use real-time registration to control human resources, vehicles and ships.  In Q2 the number of Trackwell customers reached over 500 enterprises. Today over 40.000 employees... Read more

New Electronic Reporting System (ERS) added to Trackwell’s VMS

Trackwell recently launched a new version of its ERS module into the suite of fisheries management solutions, to handle catch and activity messages originated in the electronic logbook.  Unlike most other ERS systems available today, Trackwell’s ERS can be fully integrated into its Vessel Monitoring System, as an optional... Read more